Zabuton - Angkor Poppy COVER ONLY
Zabuton - Angkor Poppy COVER ONLY

Zabuton - Angkor Poppy COVER ONLY

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This Angkor Poppy Zabuton Meditation Mat COVER is a stunning mix of woven gold, green and red silk threads. We found this rare handwoven silk fabric near the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Handwoven by the Artisans d'Angkor, we added a black and gold silk frame and backed it with a sturdy black organic cotton to make it durable.  

Inspired by Japanese design, our Zabuton Meditation Cushion Covers can be used as lush floor pillows for meditation, yoga and sitting in reflection.


  • Zabuton COVER
  • Hand woven silk top
  • 100% organic cotton back
  • Exceptional care to detail
  • Extra soft support

Dimensions - What size inner cushion you need

These covers are designed to go with our zabuton inner cushions.  However, you can use them with another cushion sized  30-32" x 30-32" x 2-3" or 5-7cm.  Our inner cushions are stuffed with felted cotton, but you could used synthetic or down filled cushions as well.