Zafu - Silk Azure
Zafu - Silk Azure
Zafu - Silk Azure

Zafu - Silk Azure

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Our Silk Azure Zafu features an iridescent blue silk top from a 1000 year old weavers guild in Varanasi, India. It is made with organic Black cotton and stuffed with buckwheat hulls, making it malleable and comfy. Our most popular cushion, the zafu lets your spine straighten naturally, so you can sit straight comfortably when you meditate.  Add a zabuton floor mat for ultimate comfort.

Which size do I choose?

Mini - for the super flexible yogi who enjoys a slight lift
Small - for flexible meditators who experience some tightness in the hips & knees
Medium - for just about everybody in North America - our most popular size
Large - for those with really tight hips and knees

Need more help choosing try our Size & Posture Guide.