• Scandinavian Blue

    Scandinavian Blue

    $275.00 CAD Great choice!

    The fabric for this stunning limited edition Scandinavian Blue zabuton mat was found in Toronto. It is light and fresh.

    An elegantly styled floor cushion, this Japanese style meditation mat supports the knees, feet and ankles. Traditionally used as a floor mat under a zafu meditation cushion or meditation bench, these large square floor pillows are great for sitting or lying on the floor during meditation, yoga, or for relaxation.

    Pair it with a Mountain Zafu or a Meditation Bench and it is bliss!

      Zabuton Mat Features:

      • Beautiful Linen cover
      • Inner cushion handstuffed with 100% natural cotton
      • Easy-to-remove zippered cover
      • Water-resistant zabuton cases available
      • Exceptional care to detail

      Weight: 8.8lbs/4.0kg
      7"/18cm T 12.5"/32cm W

      Weight: 8lbs/3.6kg
      One size: 32″ L x 32″ W x 3″ T/80cm L x 80cm W x 8cm





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    Local Artisans

    All REALthings cushions are designed by the founder, Julie Jarvis, in collaboration with local designers Jan Mackie and Dolma Tsering in Toronto, Canada

    REALthings, 652 Huron Street,Unit #1 Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 2R9

    T: 416-788-3755