• Runa - Charcoal Black

    "The runa is a great product, from an awesome company with unmatched customer service." –Josh

    Runa - Charcoal Black

    $110.00 CAD Great choice!

    An original REALthings design, our popular Runa cushion was developed for meditating on a chair. It lifts the hips and allows the spine to straighten naturally, and the legs to rest naturally together with feet flat on the floor. It’s stuffed with buckwheat hulls to make it malleable and comfy. This versatile cushion can also be used behind your upper or lower back, as a neck pillow, or under your head or feet. Use as a yoga prop, to make sitting at work comfy, or as an easy-to-pack travel companion.

    Tip: Here are the 7 most popular ways to use a Runa cushion.

    Try it with a water-resistant travel case.


    • 100% cotton washable cover
    • Two removable natural cotton inner cushions stuffed with buckwheat hulls
    • Easy-to-carry handle
    • Water-resistant case available
    • Exceptional care to detail
    Weight: 3lbs/1.5kg

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Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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