• Mod Blue Bliss Meditation Set

    Mod Blue Bliss Meditation Set

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    Our most popular meditation cushion set is used to create an oasis in the home or at work. This stunning combination offers the body bliss by pairing a Dark Lapis Mountain Zafu with a Mod Blue Zabuton floor mat. Together they offer stability to the spine and hips, and soft comfort for the knees, ankles and feet.

    Zafu Features:

    • 100% cotton washable cover
    • Stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls
    • Heights can easily be made lower
    • Easy-to-carry handle
    • Water-resistant zafu cases available
    • Exceptional care to detail


      Zabuton Features:

      • Hand-woven shot cotton tops
      • 100% organic twill cotton back for durability
      • Inner cushion handstuffed with 100% natural cotton
      • Easy-to-remove cover
      • Water-resistant zabuton cases available
      • Exceptional care to detail

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    Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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