• Mini Mountain Zafu Charcoal Black

    “I’ve had the opportunity to try different cushions in many cities over the past 15 years. I was never able to sit comfortably until I got a buckwheat zafu from REALthings. I thought a certain amount of discomfort was just part of the deal.” Lindsay Smail, Artistic Director/Graphic Designer

    Mini Mountain Zafu Charcoal Black

    $65.00 CAD Great choice!

    Designed for travel and extremely flexible adults, this lightweight cushion is easy to take with you to yoga class or while on the road. Just like the regular Mountain Zafu, the Mini (5") makes sitting tall like a mountain easier by lifting the hips, allowing the pelvis to roll forward so the spine can straighten naturally.

    Tip: It can be used in two popular positions: straddling it on its side or sitting cross-legged on it upright.


    Pairs beautifully with a zabuton or Dolma mat.



    • 100% cotton washable cover
    • Stuffed with buckwheat hulls
    • Heights can easily be made lower
    • Easy-to-carry handle
    • Exceptional care to detail

    Weight 4.1lb/ 1.9kg

    Size: 10.5"/26.6cm x 5"/12.7cmH





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Local Artisans

All REALthings cushions are designed by the founder, Julie Jarvis, in collaboration with local designers Jan Mackie and Dolma Tsering in Toronto, Canada

REALthings, 652 Huron Street,Unit #1 Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 2R9

T: 416-788-3755