• Zabuton - Mandarin Orange

    I absolutely love the beautiful four corners cushion that W. gave me - What glorious fabric!! It will be my inspiration for a daily practice! Paddy D

    Zabuton - Mandarin Orange

    $250.00 CAD Great choice!

    This richly coloured zabuton meditation mat  features a shot silk (gold and orange) jacquard which was found in Paris.  It is elegant addition to any space.

    An elegantly styled floor cushion, this traditional zabuton design supports the knees, feet and ankles. Traditionally used as a floor mat under a zafu cushion or meditation bench, these large square floor pillows are great for sitting or lying on the floor during meditation, yoga, or for relaxation. 

    Pair it with a Zafu Cushion or Meditation bench or Runa Cushion or purchase a Zabuton Cushion Set Ultra Bliss and Bliss.


    • Silk jaquard top
    • 100% organic cotton back
    • 100% cotton inner cushion
    • Removable cover
    • Exceptional care to detail
    • Extra soft support
    One size: 32″ L x 32″ W x 3″ T/80cm L x 80cm W x 8cm H


    Limited Edition 




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Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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