At REALthings, we make Bigger, Better, Beautiful Meditation Cushions.

Here is why...

  • Bigger - because we want them to fit North American bodies really well.
  • Better - so they are durable and lasting. All our cushions are made by hand in Canada with natural materials.
  • Beautiful - so you can create your own oasis of calm
  • Portable and versatile - so you can use them for many purposes - comfort at work, travel and relaxing.
  • In different styles and sizes - for the floor and for chairs- so you can choose the way you want to meditate.
  • Locally in eco-friendly ways - so you feel good about buying our cushions. We use natural materials, recycle our scraps and use biodegradable plastics and have minimal waste.  
    A bonus for our American and international guests  - the prices listed are in CAD dollars, so you can buy REALthings for less.  The current international exchange rate is about 20% less in USD.  The same applies for the shipping rates, which are also shown in CAD dollars.  

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    Bigger, Better, Beautiful

    Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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    Call us: 416-788-3755