Mindful Pop-Ups

Invite us to host a Mindful Pop-Up session so your group or community can try different types of cushions and discover how to get comfortable and feel good when they sit to meditate. We’ll also share helpful tips and simple practices for sitting at the office, at home and on-the-go.

Option 1: Group Orders

This is for you if: You’re ready to place your group cushion order and would like to schedule a session to teach your people how to sit and get started. Or, you’re ready to order a starter kit of zabutons and zafus for your group, but would also like to have the opportunity to try some of the other cushion types to ensure everyone has what they need to get comfy when they sit.

How it works: In this relaxed and informal session, REALthings will come and sit with your team for 60 minutes to ensure everyone learns how to sit comfortably on the new cushions. This Pop-Up is included with a minimum guaranteed purchase of 10 sets of cushions.

Option 2: Individual Orders

This is for you if: You’d like to provide access to a personal fitting and shopping experience. We bring cushions for sale to your space so your community can try out different styles of cushions and sitting postures in a familiar and comfortable setting. Perfect for a group of individuals who are interested in buying cushions, but aren’t exactly sure where to go or what will fit their bodies best, and appreciate convenient, personal shopping experiences.

How it works: REALthings will bring an assortment of cushions to your space and will sit with 1-5 people at a time in concurrent 30-minute sessions. A minimum of 10 people required. Cost for each individual to register is $20, which goes directly towards the purchase of a cushion.

Option 3: Group Meditation Sittings

This is for you if: You’d like to introduce your group to simple sitting meditation practices in a positive and practical way. Being guided in meditation while also being able to ask questions on the spot will provide a truly cared for experience for your people as they begin or build upon their meditation practice.

How it works: REALthings will bring an assortment of cushions to your space and will sit with small groups in 30-minute sessions throughout a 4-6 hour period. Your people can register for one of the multiple sessions scheduled throughout that day. These packages begin at $350. Ask us more.

"So many people tell me they can’t meditate because they can’t sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair. What I have found though, is that when people discover the right posture and cushion for their body type so that they can relax and let their body smile, then their practice can flourish."

Julie Jarvis, Founder, REALthings



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Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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