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Choose Your Cushions

Meditating is easier when you feel good, so finding the right cushions is essential. REALthings cushions come in a range of gorgeous colours and modern designs that fit beautifully at work. The Bliss Set is our most popular combination package for sitting on the floor at work.

Fabrics, Colours & Branding: Adding a mark and/or custom colours creates playful branded cushions. We have a selection of gorgeous hand woven cottons and silk fabrics to choose from.


Choose your Yoga Props

Our zafus and Runas also work beautifully for yoga support. See our whole range of yoga props, including custom bolsters and eye pillows.

We've partnered with a remarkable Canadian company to offer exceptional yoga mats and accessories. B Yoga is setting a new standard for everyday yoga staples. Known for their grip, durability, cushioning and support, the B MAT is widely considered a game-changer in yoga. Ask us how we can include these fabulous products with your package.


We Can Help

Along with considering the size of your space and storage, it’s important to provide a variety of shapes and sizes so that everyone gets the support they need. Tell us more about your team, or introduce us to your meditation and yoga instructors, so together we can figure out what will work best.

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Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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