New to Meditation

Meditation can change your life, but it is not easy.  You need to find a place of peace - a still space inside yourself - and to do that you need to be comfortable.


Getting Started
When you begin, you need to find a posture and a pillow that let's you sit comfortably.  Your posture supports your practice and helps you relax and be still.  When the posture is right, your body smiles.  The pelvis rolls forward and the spine straightens naturally.  The chin is slightly tucked in and the crown of the head faces upward as if it was being held by an invisible string.  The elbows are close to the waist, with no strain on the shoulders.  Learn more about meditation postures here.


Your cushion is your home.  It is where you start.
Meditation cushions are designed to support your posture and help you sit straight naturally. Cushions come in different shapes and sizes and have different stuffings.  There are also props you can use to support other parts of your body (i.e. knees, feet, hands). Find out more about cushions here.
Sitting Fittings
Some helpful Tips
Time - dedicate a regular time to sit alone or with a group. 
Space - find a space where you can unplug and find peace.
Guide - discover an app or meditation group that will support you.
Be kind to your self and keep going



Your journey begins here

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