Meditation Postures


 Your posture supports your practice and helps you relax and be still.

Sitting flat on the floor is very difficult for most people. Our hips and knees are not flexible enough. So the first step is finding a posture and a pillow that supports you. Meditation cushions are designed to support your posture and help you sit straight naturally.


Types of Postures

There are three popular meditation postures: The Lotus (full, half & quarter lotus), Burmese style, and Seiza. While the Lotus position is the most well known, most modern meditators are not flexible enough to do it. And that's perfectly okay. Two popular postures that don't require as much flexibility are the Burmese and Seiza. Another option is to use a chair.
Everyone's body is unique, so you will need to find a posture that's right for you. When the posture is right, your body smiles.  The pelvis rolls forward and the spine straightens naturally.  The chin is slightly tucked in and the crown of the head reaches upward as if it was being held by an invisible string.  The elbows are close to the waist, with no strain on the shoulders. 

Sit Tip: When you sit Burmese style always place your 'sit cushion' at the back of the mat. In Burmese style, one leg is in front of the other. However, some people also cross or hook their ankles.

Sit Tip: You can turn a tall zafu on its side to provide support when sitting in seiza. It lifts your hips higher and spreads weight evenly between your knees and ankles.

Other Options:  You can also use a Bolster (below) or Bench (above) as a meditation cushion.
If you prefer sitting on a chair, you can use a chair cushion to help you sit up straight comfortably. Our Runa cushion is perfect for chairs because it lifts the hips higher than the knees the way a zafu does on the floor.
You can also place it behind your back.
Chair Sit


Hand Positions
It is good to try different hand positions to find one that feels natural. The three most common hand postures are
- placing the hands on the knees with the palms facing upward.  You can also take a hand posture or mudra in this position.
- placing the hands on the thighs with the palms facing down
- clasping the hands in front of you or holding the hands together with one hand under the other and thumbs touching.
Learn about finding the right cushion for your posture here.

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