Meditation Cushions 101

What is a meditation cushion?
Meditation cushions are designed to help you sit straight comfortably.  A meditation cushion can be any shape or size. The key is finding the cushion that fits your body.


How do I choose?
First, you need to find a meditation posture that works for you. Then you need to find the meditation cushion that will support you in that posture comfortably.  Here are the three most popular meditation postures. You can also take a variation of these postures using a bench or a chair.


             Burmese                                  Lotus                                      Seiza



Sit Tips
The most important cushion is your sit cushion, because it lifts your hips and lets your back straighten naturally.
  • If your knees tend to be high in the air when you sit cross-legged on a cushion, you might want to try kneeling in the Seiza posture.  The best way to do this is to take a tall zafu cushion and turn it on its side. It opens your hips and takes the pressure off your knees and ankles.
  • If you are super flexible, the small or mini zafu cushion is probably the best choice for you.  Learn more about posture here.


Types of Cushions?
The most popular meditation cushion is the zafu.  It is a round cushion stuffed with buckwheat hulls, which makes it comfy.  Our most popular zafu is the Medium Zafu which is 8” tall, almost double the height of most traditional-sized meditation cushions.  However, if you have tight hips and or very long legs you may prefer a tall.  The zafu is designed to go with a zabuton mat. We call this combination bliss!
                                                                    Zafu                                                        Bliss Set


If the zafu does not feel right for you, you can also try meditation benches or bolsters. You can find many variations of bolsters for meditation and yoga.  Our bolsters are hand-packed with cotton to offer firm lasting support. 


                                     Back Bolster or Stress Absorber                                                  Urban B
Chair Cushions
                                              The Runa                                        


If you prefer to be on a chair, our Runa cushion helps you sit up straight comfortably by lifting the hips as a zafu does on the floor. You can also place it behind your back.                         

Cushion Props

Cushion props are used with meditation cushions. They vary widely and are used to offer extra support to the hands, knees and ankles when you are meditating.

Knee cushions are extremely helpful if you find your legs or feet failing asleep during meditation.



Hand cushions  lift the hands, relieving stress and pulling on the shoulders, so you can sit straight without strain. It makes a huge difference. Another way to support the hands is by rolling up the bottom of your t-shirt or t-shirt dress and using it as perch for your hands. Just make sure the fabric is stretchy. 

Cushions Stuffings
Our meditation cushions are stuffed with natural materials - buckwheat hulls, cotton, and kapok. Buckwheat hulls are popular because they are malleable, natural, and can be adjusted. We use cotton  for mats and bolsters which makes them comfortable.



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