5 Things to ask yourself when choosing a sitting cushion


      1. Materials Matter - Are the cushions made from natural, organic or synthetic materials?
        • Polyester is an artificial fibre that is much less expensive but not as dense or supportive. Cotton, silk, kapok, bamboo and buckwheat hulls are all natural recyclable materials.  They breathe and feel good to the touch. Silk is warm in winter and cool in summer. Buckwheat hulls form to the body.  Kapok and raw cotton are light fibres that can be packed very densely. Cotton can also be woven into strong durable twills and canvases. Organic materials are free of pesticides and harsh chemicals.This is important for the sitter and the farmer.  
      2. Body Type Matters -  What is my body type?
        • What is my body type? Flexibility, size, height, age,and injury are all important factors in choosing the right cushion shape, depth, and stuffing density.  The cushion needs to support your body as it is now.  The best way to discover how your body sits most comfortably is by trying different positions and cushions at different heights.   Experiment on chairs, kneeling and crossed-legged. The goal is to find a cushion or bench and position that supports you, so you can relax deeply.
      3. Design and Craftsmanship Matter - Who makes the cushions?
        • Where are the cushions made and who makes them? What is the quality of the design, sewing and materials? What is most important to me - comfort, durability, price, versatility, beauty?
      4. Usage Matters - Where will I be using the cushions?
        • How will I be using the cushions?  Portability, size and functionality are all important factors in determining whether to buy a 'travelling' or more 'permanent' cushion. Where do I want to use the cushions - home, office, gym, studio, vacation? How do I want to store them?  Do my cushions need to fit a small living space? Do they need to be protected by a case and/or stored away from pets or a busy household
      5. Buying REALthings Matters - Why buy REALthings?
        • At REALthings we do everything by hand and people feel the difference.   A LOCAL value-driven business, we support SUSTAINABLE business practices, and highly SKILLED CRAFTSPEOPLE.  The way cushions are made and the way people use them matters to us. 

“I have never experienced someone like yourself that was so committed to ensuring that me your customer, was absolutely sure, absolutely committed to their decision before you would allow me to buy. I knew the whole experience was right because of what you allowed to manifest so naturally from within me with your guidance.” Dan Woodward, London,ON


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