Your Position

Knees In Line with Hips

Burmese Posture - Medium Zafu + Tall Triangle Cushions

If you feel you have to have to hold your knees up, you can try our tall triangle cushions - they take the pressure off your knees and hips.

The Seiza Position - kneeling with a Medium Zafu 

One of the most popular postures, kneeling on a medium zafu lifts your hips  and lets your spine straighten naturally.  If you are really tall or have long legs the Tall Zafu you can try a tall Zafu. It can be adjusted smaller

Tip: If you turn our Zafu meditation cushion on its side it is perfect for kneeling. 

Chair Posture - Runa Posture Cushion

Meditating on a chair with a Runa cushion makes it easy to sit straight naturally.  The Runa is super portable and multi-purpose. It can be used behind the back, under your feet, or under your seat.

The Seiza Position - Zafu + Zabuton Mat

When you kneel with a Zafu meditation cushion on a Zabuton meditation pillow it cushions your knees and ankles - it feels like bliss.