Your Position

Knees Up High

The Seiza Position - kneeling with a Medium Zafu

One of the most popular meditation postures, the Seiza position is great with our medium Zafu.  If you have really long legs or very tight hips, try our Tall Zafu - it can be adjusted lower.

Tip: If you turn our Zafu meditation cushions on their side it lifts you higher and makes them perfect for kneeling. 

Chair Posture - Runa Posture Cushion

If the floor is too uncomfortable for you, our Runa Posture cushion is a great choice.  It lifts you up on your sits bones and lets your spine straighten naturally.  

The Seiza Position - Medium Zafu + Zabuton

When you kneel with a Zafu meditation cushion on a Zabuton meditation pillow it cushions your knees and ankles - it feels like bliss.

Chair Posture - Runa Posture Cushion

You can use our  Runa cushion behind your back to straighten and support your spine when you meditate.  It is also a great back support at your desk, in your car, on a plane or your favourite couch.