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Knees Below Hips

Burmese Posture - Small Zafu 

The small zafu is great for people who are flexible.  If you are super flexible, you might prefer our Mini Zafu or  Runa cushion.

Burmese Posture - Small Zafu + Small Triangles

If you have tightness in the knees or your legs fall asleep when you meditate, try a set of Triangle Cushions to take pressure off your knees.  

Burmese Posture - Small Zafu + Zabuton

When you kneel with a Zafu on a Zabuton meditation pillow it cushions your knees and ankles - it feels like bliss. 

Burmese Posture - Small Zafu + Zabuton + Hand Cushion

Adding a hand cushion immediately takes strain off the shoulders and allows the elbows to rest in line with the shoulders naturally.