Durga – head of the Women’s Sewing Collective

Varanassi Weavers

It was our lucky day, when we met Jitendra in a café overlooking the sacred waters of the Ganges River. An incredibly kind and passionate man, Jitendra is the local project coordinator for the Varanasi Weavers. He is working with 10 weaving villages to help them become sustainable.  Profits from the silk are being used to improve housing, education and health services. Clay homes are being converted to brick and eco-friendly energy sources, such as solar powered lights, are being introduced. We visited the weavers of Newada Village with Jitendra.  Watching the weavers spin the silk and weave intricate patterns, there was a sense of stillness and timelessness amidst the children's chatter and play. Jitendra’s laughter and love for the people of the villages was ever-present as we travelled through the village watching masterful hands weave breathtaking fabrics with gentleness and precision. The Newada Azure hand woven silk is used in our Zabuton FCCs, Silk Top Zafus, Triangle Cushions and Cushions Cases. 

The Varanasi Weavers are part of a guild of weavers that has been practicing their sacred craft in the city of Varanasi for over 1,000 years. To protect their heritage, the weavers have come together with supportive organizations to fuse their ancient art and timeless pieces of textile with the contemporary designs of today’s society www.varanasiweavers.org


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