Julie Jarvis

When I started REALthings I had a vision to help people find their way to meditation and mindfulness.  As a long time meditator, I saw so many people struggling to find a way to sit comfortably. So we designed bigger, better, beautiful meditation cushions for North American bodies that allow people to sit on the floor with ease. 

We also created cushions for chairs so people could choose their own way to meditate. We have helped thousands of people find the right cushion and posture to sit quietly and meditate deeply. We also work with companies, retreat centres and individuals to create calm inspiring spaces to breathe and be still.  

Most recently, REALthings created a mindful colouring book, Goldisocks and the Three Cushions, as a fun way to introduce people of all ages to meditation and mindfulness. 






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Bigger, Better, Beautiful

Handmade in Canada, the REALthings meditation cushion makes it easy for you to sit straight naturally when you meditate.

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