Client Testimonials

Meditation has always been an important part of my work to keep me grounded and fresh on breaks between clients. Having a “cushion consult” with Julie elevated my meditation practice by making it more comfortable than I imagined possible. No more distractions from cramping ankles or twingy knees. Julie’s explanation of how the cushions are made and the care that goes into them won me over - these are products I feel good about using every day and I highly recommend them to seasoned practitioners and those just discovering the power of meditation. The only difficult part is selecting which exquisite fabric suits your fancy.

Jennie Ormson | Clinical Social Worker

"I love the Kripalu Rain Runa cushion, and am touched by the quality of effort and heart that goes into what you offer. Thanks so much for your good works! Blessings"

Tara Brach | Founder of Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC

"I absolutely love my cushions! My practice has grown and I find myself just using them when sitting in general."

Ronnie Varghese | CEO, Polyform Labs, Toronto

"I love my Runa cushion. Truly I fell in love with it the second I saw it. The Runa is lightweight and really easy to carry around, so I can take it everywhere I go. It’s perfect for my office chair; in fact I’m sitting on it right now! This is truly a versatile, beautiful accent to my practice, which I’ll never be without again!"

Terra Dafoe | Clinical Associate, The Mindfulness Clinic, Toronto

"I love love my traveller!!! I am sitting and working on it. I feel so grounded and supported. nurtured. It is truly beautiful. I do feel special when sitting... as if the sitting is giving back to me."

Marjorie Campbell | Fibre Artist, Little ‘m’ Inventions, Toronto

"Having the REALthings zabuton in my home is a statement of my own dedication to finding tranquility and steadiness in the midst of city life. It is a beautiful relationship! Each day, I show up for the cushion and the cushion shows up for me, I am so thankful for this steady silent medicine."

Jill Bodak | Osteopath, Toronto

“"I love it. It really helps with my seated alignment after my hip replacement."

Jeff Krasno | Co-Founder Wanderlust Festival, Brooklyn, NY