Zafu - Burgundy
Zafu - Burgundy
Zafu - Burgundy

Zafu - Burgundy

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This deep Burgundy Zafu is made with a Japanese cotton fabric and stuffed with buckwheat hulls, making it malleable and comfy. Our most popular cushion, the zafu lets your spine straighten naturally, so you can sit straight comfortably when you meditate.  

The zafu is designed to go with a Zabuton floor pillow.   


  • 100% cotton washable cover
  • Stuffed with buckwheat hulls
  • Heights can easily be made lower
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • Water-resistant zafu cases available
  • Made with great care and attention to detail

What size do I need? 

Zafu Size Weight Height This cushion is for...
Mini 4 lbs 5" *

The yogi who’s used to hanging out on the floor - now want’s a little extra cushion.

Small 8 lbs 7"

Flexibility doesn’t scare this meditator - but they’ll appreciate a lift off the ground.

Medium 10.5 lbs 8"

Basically everyone in North America; flexibility optional.

Large 12.5 lbs 9"

For that tall dude (or gal) that just CANNOT sit on the floor easily.