Zabuton Meditation Mat - Raspberry

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This richly coloured Raspberry shot cotton zabuton meditation mat features hand-woven textiles produced by a circle of weavers near Ubud, Bali. Using a shuttle loom to weave the fabrics, they have created a textural vibrancy that adds depth and light to the cushion.

Bring beauty and stillness to your space with our Japanese style zabuton meditation mats. These elegantly styled floor pillows offer softness, warmth and ease to the knees, ankles and feet.  Pair it with a Zafu Meditation Cushion to create your perfect meditation cushion set.



  • 100% hand-woven cotton tops
  • 100% organic twill cotton back for durability
  • Inner cushion handstuffed with 100% natural cotton
  • Easy-to-remove cover
  • Exceptional care to detail



One size: 31.5  x 31.5  x 3″