Dolma Traveller
Dolma Traveller
Dolma Traveller

Dolma Traveller

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Smaller than the Dolma Studio, the Traveller is more discreet and makes a perfect travel companion. Hand-stuffed with raw cotton, this mat folds in half to fit modern lifestyles. Sit on it flat as a mat for firm and comfortable seat, ankle and back support. Or fold it in half and use it as a bolster for a higher boost. Highly portable, the Dolma Traveller is ideal for retreats and compact work and living spaces.

Tip: Also gives comfort by using behind your back or under your seat at work or on a plane.


  • Organic cotton cover
  • Hand-stuffed with 100% natural cotton
  • Extra firm, comfortable support
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • Water-resistant travel case available
  • Exceptional care to detail



         Size: 16 x 16  x 1″

         Weight: 2lbs