Two Sisters + a Dream = TurF

By Julie Jarvis
Posted in REALthings Meditation Blog, on September 20, 2017

TurF’s Deanne & Delaney Schweitzer

Sisters and co-founders Deanne & Delaney Schweitzer have brought the things they love into a new share space called TurF. Located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano community, it features a workout studio, shop, kitchen and coffee bar all under one roof.

We had the chance to connect with Deanne after their REALthings cushions arrived to their first location to ask these three questions.

Your hood…

We both live in beautiful areas of Vancouver. My sister Delaney is nestled between Kerrisdale and Southlands, and I am in Kits Point. Our business is in Kitsilano. We both love ‘the beaches of Vancouver’, the vibe, the history, the people. We would never live too far from Kits and it was the obvious choice for our first TurF.


REALthings zafus tucked beautifully into the studio at TurF

Your fave place to meditate…

At TurF. Sitting with a community holds me accountable to the practice. And I love the conversations that are sparked after meditation.

Running also provides me with a lot of the benefits of meditation. I love to run in the Endowment lands surrounded by trees. My sister meditates in her yoga room at home. She has a great set-up. She practices meditation at home daily. I loved when we did a special week this summer of 20 minutes every morning at the TurF studio. I love sharing the experience with others and the group holds me accountable to the practice of meditation. Turf itself is everything you need to be healthy. Mediation is an essential element.

A dream realized...Work Out, Take Out, Hang Out TurF

Your practice has...

For me it is proven that I accomplish much more in the day if I have done either yoga or mediation in the morning. My mind can sometimes be all over the place and I tend to start too many things and complete nothing. If I have a day that I start and finish what I need to get done, I leave space to be present for my family and friends…and that makes me happy. I also love that mediation takes away all tendency to compare. I have learned that comparison does not go with happiness. Mediation guides me to practice everything is perfect as it is and I am perfect as I am.

Visit Turf in Vancouver at 2041 W 4th Ave, between Arbutus St. and Maple St. and follow them on and




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