Emily Thring - Creator of Toronto's First Meditation Studio

By Julie Jarvis
Posted in REALthings Meditation Blog, on August 15, 2018

1. Hood: Where do you live

I live at College and Ossington. Have been in that hood for 4 years and I love it.

2. Innovation: What do you do by day/your passion

I am very lucky to have followed my passion and made it my day job. I founded Toronto's first meditation studio, The Quiet Company in 2017. We've been running pop-up classes for a year and have just opened a beautiful space at King and Spadina! We have meditation, movement and sound healing sessions. 

3. Inspiration: Tell us about your fav place to meditate 

Outside! I love meditating on my super quiet balcony and hearing sounds of nature... and the city!

4. Bliss: What is your perfect sit posture + cushion 

I sit on my REALthings zafu and I love it.  Being comfortable make such a difference. 

5. Happiness: meditation changed life % 

100%. I am much more happy, patient and centred. I don't get as swayed by the ups and downs in life, which when you own your own business is so key!

6. Best way to connect with the Quiet Company

You can find us at www.quietcompany.ca or instagram.com/thequietc 

The Quiet Co Meditation Studio is located at:
511 King Street West
3rd Floor, Suite 302
(King & Brant)

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