Sara Best - Mindful Nutrition at its Best!

Hood: Where do you live?

I grew up in the country, just outside of Shelburne, Ontario. But, with a mother who was a stage and television actress, and a father who worked in the animal welfare movement, we moved around a fair bit so, as a kid, I also spent time living in Toronto and England.

Today, I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario with my husband, two kids and one yellow lab.

Innovation: What do you do by day/your passion 

Well, I joke that I’m the Nutritionist who never talks about food. I believe that most of us already have a basic understanding of what foods we should be eating more of (more fruits, veggies and other whole foods), and what we should be eating less of (less processed and fast food). So, the real question is, “why don’t we do it?” That’s why, the focus of my practice is about better understanding, (and then reprogramming, and rewiring) our unwanted habits and behaviors around food.

I work with clients who struggle with emotional eating, stress eating, cravings, social over-eating, night-time snacking, etc. I marry the latest in neuroscience and food psychology, with the ancient and spiritual practices of mindfulness, to help them dig under the surface and finally understand who they really are when it comes to their relationship with food. From there, we work on new exercises and practices that help them cultivate new, healthier habits in a way that feels natural, automatic and really sustainable in a whole new way. No more dieting! Ever!

Inspiration: Tell us about your fav place to meditate

My favourite place to meditate is my little homemade meditation corner at home. I have a small alter decorated a huge salt lamp and some small mementos and souvenirs from around the world that make me happy. It’s a place that feels so familiar and comforting to me that it allows me to quickly and easily drop into a deep meditative space.

Although, I did once have the good fortune to spend an afternoon meditating alone in a wood and grass yoga platform, overlooking the incredible volcano that emerges from Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan – that was pretty incredible too.


Bliss: What is your perfect sit posture + cushion

I love to sit cross-legged on my REALthings Mountain Zafu cushion, hands are palm down resting gently on my knees. In this position, I can literally feel this pure line of energy flowing directly from the universe, along my spine, and down into the earth. It’s like magic.

Happiness: meditation changed life % 

I believe deeply in the human need for connection: connection with our true, authentic selves; connection with other people who deeply see and understand us; and connection with something greater (whatever that looks like for you). For me, meditation is the most effective and efficient method to cultivating more of that connection in my life. I rarely feel more connected to myself, and to the universe, than I do when I’m on my meditation cushion (walking in a forest is a close second).

Best way to connect? (with you - website/instagram etc)

You can visit my website.