Meet Mike, our First Ambassador

By Julie Jarvis
Posted in REALthings Meditation Blog, on October 31, 2016

Name: Michael David Lorsch or "Mike"

Innovation:  By day

I am a key leader and mindfulness coordinator for lululemon Toronto. This year I’ve been lucky enough to create an entire curriculum of events, meditations, and mindful performance training sessions for those both inside and outside the lululemon collective. Outside of that I am a mindfulness facilitator who uses meditation to connect people to the present moment - which in turn makes a happy and powerful life that much more possible. I’m also thrilled to be the first ever ambassador for REALthings.

Inspiration: Tell us about your favourite place to meditate/sit

I have created a special place in my own home, where I have my REALthings cushions amongst a collection of items that bring me joy and reflect all the people and places who have influenced me. I’ve got pictures of my grandmothers, my Himalayan salt rock lamp, a whole Thich Nhat Hanh library, and a replica of the Millennium Falcon. I think Star Wars was the catalyst to me becoming a mindful facilitator as an adult - seeing anything related lights me up with joy.

Bliss: What is your perfect sit (posture & cushions)?

Definitely sitting in Balinese position (legs-crossed) on my small Bliss Mountain Zafu, and my Ketut Burgundy Zabuton. I use two triangle knee pillows tucked underneath my thighs to support my legs. I’ve never felt more comfortable while sitting.

Happiness: How has meditation changed your life? What %?

Immensely. Anxiety has been a part of my life since early childhood. It’s negative influence in my day to day became apparent as I exited university and found myself staring the “real world” in the face. Diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder I looked to many methods to take the best care of myself. It was with my sangha, Wake Up Toronto!, based on the teachings of zen peace activist - Thich Nhat Hanh, that I learned the power of meditation and mindful living. My practice has become part of my day to day life with meditation being the grassroots of living happily in the present moment!

Connect: How do others connect with you?

Instagram is my social of choice. Connect with me there @mlo0287

@lululemon's Yoga Rouge Event on REALthings-Muse cushion 

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