Live and Dare with Giovanni Dienstmann

Name: Giovanni Dienstmann

Hood: Australia

Innovation: By day

When the sun is out early morning I'm usually up doing some yoga asanas in my living room. After that I take a cold shower, a glass of water, and start my day with a long meditation session. I love to explore my own consciousness through the power of meditation, spiritual reading, etc. What we can discover by turning inside is much more interesting, to me, than we we can acquire externally in life. Meditation is a tool for me to tap into unique states of oneness, peace, and joy.

Inspiration: Tell us about your favourite place to meditate/sit

I have a dedicated space in my home for meditating. I sit in a Burmese posture, using a yoga block and a cushion on top of it.  For me the yoga block gives stability, as it doesn’t condense or give in; the cushion on top of it is to get some height from the floor, and also so my buttocks don't hurt.

Happiness: How has meditation changed your life? What %?

There are many ways I can answer this question. One of the most unique benefits I got from this practice is that meditation allows me to access an inner state of complete peace, freedom, and wellbeing. This includes “feeling happy for no reason”, which is a sense of contentment and gladness that doesn’t depend on anything external. A true emotional freedom and independence! I like to call it “existential happiness”.

As a result of carrying this state into my daily activities, I’m more at ease with whatever life brings, and not sucked into any dramas. There is a feeling of fearlessness and being carefree, since meditation gives me the confidence that I can accept anything the present moment brings, roll with it, and make something constructive out of it.

Connect: How do others connect with you?

You can connect with Giovanni on his blog. There they can also find information about my beginners meditation course, Master Your Mind.

Giovanni is a meditation teacher and blogger.