Growing Stillspace with Melinda Krynen-Hill

Hood: Where you live

I've lived downtown Toronto for 7 years now! I've always been a west-end girl, as the years go by I seem to move further and further west to be closer to the lake and as close as possible to our city's green spaces! Being in nature completely restores my energy and clears my mind so I am ready to take on the world again.

Innovation: What do you do by day/your passion

With Stillspace growing in both my psychology practice and mindfulness consulting work, I am keeping busy! I know I am fortunate to be able to say that what I do every day for work is my absolute passion! I spend my days connecting with people who are on a similar journey as myself, working toward creating balance in a sometimes chaotic world, and learning that being open and connecting with others can make a world of difference in managing our everyday challenges as well as healing from injury or illness. In my psychology practice, I am continuously inspired by my clients' courage and bravery to move gently toward uncertainty and explore new ways of living, being, and thriving in their lives, as we know, this is not always an easy path and takes great strength.

Inspiration: Tell us about your fav place to meditate

I've always been drawn to meditating outdoors, regardless of the noise or liveliness in these environments. In Toronto, I have a few secret spots that I go to meditate along the waterfront trail (no way, I can't tell you where they are!). In these spots, I can completely tune into the sound of the water and everything else fades away. Sometimes I am there for hours!

Bliss: What is your perfect sit posture + cushion

The moment I sat on Julie’s REALthings cushions, I was in love. Her blue smoke zafu and zabuton look incredible with the Stillspace pine and walnut meditation benches! The perfect combination, if you ask me!

Happiness: meditation changed life %

I used to live with very debilitating migraines and dizziness. When I first learned about mindfulness and meditation, I started to recognize that the more stressed, upset or angry I felt about what was happening in my body only amplified my condition. Through a diligent meditation practice and a commitment to working on mind-body awareness, I learned that it was possible to change the course of my migraines, and as a result experience less pain and discomfort. Since coming across mindfulness meditation five years ago, and learning about other neuroplastic-informed techniques with similar foundations, I have experienced a dramatic improvement to my quality of life. Now, with Stillspace I can share with complete confidence the tremendous power of connecting with ourselves to promote healing and optimize health. That translates to 100% happier I would say!!!! 

Best way to connect?

 You can visit my website  or connect with me on Instagram @stillspace.

Melinda Krynen-Hill, MCP, MPH is a Therapist & Mindfulness Practitioner. She is  the Founder of Stillspace.