Cultivating Balance ~ Gisele Theriault

Hood: Where do you live

I grew up on the coastline of Cape Breton but spent a good part of my adult life in Toronto’s Queen West.  This area embraces the most creative and diverse expression. The zanier the better. I love that. Now I have moved to Guelph to be closer to raw nature, a slower pace and to work on the vision of balance. As an entrepreneur I am in deed guilty of taking on too much.


Innovation: What do you do by day/work/passion Ireland

As the founder of Mindful Necessities, my days are filled with more planning, organizing and trouble shooting than the comfort zone of my creative spirit. The root of MN is to create or curate things that help us de-stress our lives. It may be a meditation ring, a mala, the perfect cushion, crystal bowls or an experiential meditative retreat to Ireland.

Inner peace and childlike joy should not be too hard to reach for anyone. It is not a myth or a privilege. We are living in extremely over stimulating and stressful times for most to know what to do with.  Being dedicated to this awareness and ways out, which are actually ways in, help me too. Sometimes I fail and that is often my best teacher.

Inspiration:  Tell us about your fav place to meditate

My favourite place to meditate is surrounded by crystal bowls.. Anywhere.  I love to light a beeswax candle, smudge away all the stagnant energy, allow gratitude for being alive to permeate through my body then start with a sounding that soothes every nerve ending in my body. There is a natural invitation in time to put the striker down and be still. Just typing this makes me want to go there.


Bliss: What is your perfect sit posture + cushion.

I love sitting cross legged on the zafu and wiggling my way to the front of the cushion. It assists my back to be straight and that is always invited. I splurged on my first REALthings zafu and zabuton ‘Ultra Bliss Set’ about three years ago. I say splurge because at the time it felt like a lot to spend on a meditation practice. It wasn’t long before I realized that the comfort of my practice was so enhanced that it helped me tremendously. Now I own two sets in my home for when I have company in meditation and Julie created a limited edition custom Runa cushion for Mindful Necessities. They have been fantastic for my Ireland retreats. They fold so unfolded they’re amazing on the plane for your back or head, folded you have a good cross legged fit and they have an easy carry  handle;-) 


Happiness: meditation changed life %

 I firmly believe presence + kindness + gratitude are the three main ingredients  of happiness. Not necessarily in that order. If these three qualities are present I am happy and everything else in question will sort itself out. The gift of meditation is reflection. When I’m off my game I reflect on where I am in these values.

When I am not busy over-doing my capacity, meditation is my life. Whether through sitting meditation, walking meditation, working meditation, bringing awareness to my breath with gratitude and kindness.. Wow, it’s a precious life.

Connect: How do others connect with you

Gisele can be reached through her website and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram at #mindfulnecessities.

Before founding Mindful Necessities, Gisele founded The Barber’s Daughters (TBDS). A mindful jewellery company with a name dedicated to the memory of her father it expanded and grew into Mindful Necessities to better reflect her mission. Mindful Necessities makes exquisite meditation rings and  wraps and her signature malas are strung and knotted by hand featuring hand chosen high vibration gemstones or wood.