7 Steps to Pure Bliss

By Julie Jarvis
Posted in REALthings Meditation Blog, on November 16, 2016

Trust your inner guidance    
Om Nakimi Namaha


Step 1: Bring your Folding Bliss Zabuton to your favourite meditation spot

Step 2: Place it gently on the floor

Step 3: Adjust it so it is in the right place - exactly where you wish

Step 4: Place your zafu sit cushion on the zabuton. 

Here's a tip: if you are sitting cross-legged in a Burmese or Lotus posture place the zafu at the back of the mat or in the middle for a  Seiza or kneeling position. You can also it on its side for greater height and comfort when kneeling.

Step 5: Settle in and find the right posture. Sit on the front edge of the cushion and allow your pelvis to roll forward so your spine can straighten naturally. 

Step 6: Find a posture for your hands to rest comfortably

Step 7: Begin your practice in Pure Bliss

Oksana sitting with Bliss @889 Yoga Studio in Toronto


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