Meditating Outdoors

Meditating Outdoors


Fresh air, chirping birds, warm sun... all elements of nature that can contribute to a relaxing and restorative meditation. For many people, sitting outside on a sun deck, screened-in porch, gazebo or even on a blanket in the park is the perfect choice when the weather is warmer.

Choosing an Optimal Outdoor Meditation Spot

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when setting up your perfect outdoor meditation spot:


Sun or Shade

Sitting in direct sunlight can feel healing and luxurious to many people, but may be too much for those with sun sensitive skin. If that is you, choose a shaded corner, or sit under a tree or in filtered sunlight where the sun is less potent. Either way, it’s a good idea to wear sunscreen.

Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Sitting at sunrise, when the world is waking up, means you can have a quiet moment before you begin your day. At this time, it’s also cooler outdoors, and may offer you the opportunity to bask in a gorgeous sunrise or the calm the precedes the world waking up.

In the middle of the day, sitting outdoors may be warmer (or altogether too hot), so consider finding a cool, shady spot.

Evenings can offer sunset meditations, but also bugs, so choose a location away from still water, as nothing can be more distracting than being eaten by mosquitos!

Temporary or Permanent

When you pick a spot you feel comfortable with, you’ll want to decide whether it’s going to be a permanent setup or just a temporary space. If you have a covered or screened-in porch, you could set up a permanent meditation spot for the entire summer. In addition to your cushion, you could add candles, music or any other items that inspire relaxation.

If, however, you’d prefer to sit in the grass or on a dock or on the banks of a river, you’re best to use portable cushions you can take with you.

Caring for Your Outdoor Cushions

When taking your sitting cushions outdoors, you’ll need to protect them from water, dirt and the sun. The best way to protect the cushions from dirt and water is by using a water-resistant case. All our cushion cases provide a protective under layer between you and the ground. When closed, they also protect cushions from sun fading and dust, and gives them an extra layer of protection when you travel.

If you’re planning on leaving your cushion outdoors for a long time, it’s a good idea to cover it with a cloth that will protect it from fading in the sun. You can use any cloth to do this or contact us and we can make a custom covering for you!

We have one customer, Colin Holbrow, who sits on his back deck all summer - it is how he begins his day.

"Each morning I wake early to stretch and meditate. I place my Four Corners Cushion and zafu in front of the patio doors overlooking the valley below our back deck to feel the warmth of the sun as I sit and reflect. This is the way I prepare to feel energized, positive and focused for the day."

Meditating on the Shores of Lake Laberge, Yukon

Roger, one of our customers from the Yukon has created a sanctuary on his front porch.

" The pattern on the zabuton reflects the movement that I am seeing in nature."This time of year the swans and ducks are flying over and the seagulls, hawks and other small birds are returning so a particularly enlivening time to sit outside. 

Outdoor cushions

Here are a few summer sitting ideas

Runa in a canoe

Comfortable canoeing with the possibility to stop paddling and meditate on the lake!

Zafu on the dock

Take your zafu down to the dock to sit at sunrise or sunset!

Choose your favourite Zabuton and Zafu to create your perfect portable summer sanctuary