How the Runa Got its Name!

By Julie Jarvis
Posted in REALthings Meditation Blog, on March 06, 2015

When we first started REALthings, our product line didn’t include a chair cushion. But our customers kept asking for one, so we created the Runa.
Our idea was to make a chair cushion that let people feel as grounded and supported as though they were sitting on the floor. The Runa cushion does that on a chair by lifting the hips higher than the knees, and allowing the pelvis to roll forward so the spine straightens easily and naturally.  
What's in the Name?

Koruna  sitting on a Runa Cushion in Bali
The Runa cushion’s name is infused with meaning, and comes from a good friend of REALthings.
My dear friend Koruna once told me a story about her grandfather. He owned a cushion he loved to sit on, and he used it everywhere; he wouldn’t sit without it. Because he took it everywhere, her Grandmother had the smart idea to put a handle on it!
As a child, Koruna remembers looking for her grandfather’s cushion whenever he needed it.
“Where’s granddad’s (Nana’s) cushion?” became a common refrain in their household.
We loved the idea of a cushion you love so much you want to take it everywhere. So we named the Runa after KoRUNA and her grandparents.
Evolution of a Multipurpose Cushion

Almost as soon as it was born, the Runa morphed into a multi-purpose cushion, supporting head, hips, elbows and knees in activities that go beyond meditation: sleeping on your side, back, or belly, a head rest on a plane, behind your back or under your feet at the office.  
We heard from people who even use it to support their elbows when texting and their wrists while typing.
Light and easy to carry, the Runa has become our most popular multi-purpose cushion. And of course, it has a handle! Learn more about how you can use the Runa.  
How is it made?        
The Runa cushion is designed for portability and comfort, no matter how you use it. Handmade in Toronto, it is stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls that are malleable and comfortable, and make it feel a little like a beanbag chair. So it’s both comfy and fun. Learn more about the Runa cushion.
Koruna Schmidt-Mumm is a visual artist in Adelaide, Australia

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Local Artisans

All REALthings cushions are designed by the founder, Julie Jarvis, in collaboration with local designers Jan Mackie and Dolma Tsering in Toronto, Canada

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