Finding Comfort in the Final Weeks of Pregnancy

Finding Comfort in the Final Weeks of Pregnancy

The last few days or weeks before giving birth can be an exciting, though uncomfortable, time.
Some of the discomforts you experience can come in the form of tightening, cramps, sudden rib pain and the feeling of pressure in the pelvis.
We recently had the pleasure of sitting with new-mommy-to-be Robin Lamarr (@royolaroyola), who does community outreach and design for Downward Dog Yoga Studio and Michael Stone. In the week leading up to the birth of her first baby, she gave us great ideas on how to find comfort as you await your little one’s arrival.

       1.  Sit in Comfort, Calm Your Nerves

RT: How did you use meditation and yoga to calm the anxiety and nervousness of waiting?
RL: I practiced yoga and meditation daily as a way to make time for myself, breathe away my anxieties and connect with the growing life inside me. Meditation and yoga have always been great teachers of surrender and acceptance for whatever arises in any given moment, whether sitting or on the mat. I found pregnancy to be a great teacher too. There’s no controlling how you, your body or your emotions change during pregnancy. The easiest thing to do is just surrender to the journey pregnancy takes you on and accept all that comes with it.
During the last trimester of pregnancy, it was difficult for me to find comfort. My legs would go numb, my back would ache, my ribs felt like my baby was using them as foot rests. I went from being comfortable sitting cross legged with just a Zabuton Meditation Mat and Zafu Meditation Cushion, to needing supports under my knees and ankles, and then needing to sit on a chair swimming in cushions or lie down. This is an example of where the practice of surrender and acceptance comes into play. At first I had a hard time accepting the changes I needed to make; my ego had a hard time letting go of my pre-pregnancy abilities.


    2.  Add Comfort to Your Everyday Tasks

RT: What did you do in the last few days of your pregnancy to be extra nice to yourself.
RL: I took nightly, candle-lit baths with epsom salts and essential oils. I would soak for an hour and read. I slept as much as a could -- I basically had the same sleep schedule as my cats. I indulged in weekly massages or some sort of body work.
RT: How did you discover that a cushion like the Runa could help you feel supported or comforted?
RL: The Runa cushion was great as added comfort when sitting, or under my head while lying down during my meditation practice. It also came in handy while working during the end of my pregnancy I did a lot of my design work from bed on my laptop, and the Runa made a great cushion between my legs and laptop
With my newborn, the Runa is a great nursing aid, helping me support my baby as he feeds.


   3.  Rest Up!

RT: How did your cushion help you rest comfortably?
As I got bigger, cushions helped me sleep. I could only sleep on my side, so I put a cushion between my legs to help find comfort in my pelvis, a cushion for my arms to rest on to prevent them from falling asleep and cushions lined up along my back.