Creating comfort at work: How to Use Sitting Cushions to Enhance Your Business/professional Practice

 Team Meditation@Interaxon

“The studio zabuton meditation cushions are stunning. I love their colours, comfort, simplicity and versatility. In my practice, people lie on them or sit, as they ground, centre, and remember how to breathe.”    Dr. Jane Salter

If you’re in the business of making others more comfortable, or simply looking to create a comfortable workplace, then you may find sitting cushions useful at work or in your professional practice.

 Health and wellness professionals, business professionals and artists and musicians can create a comfortable workspace, and provide comfort and support to clients, employees, students and patients with high-quality sitting cushions that support correct posture and wellness practices at work.

How to integrate sitting cushions into your professional practice

There are many ways to use sitting cushions at work. The type of cushion you’ll need for your work or your professional practice depends on how you want to use it. Here are various ways we’ve seen our cushions have positive impacts at work.

Health and wellness professionals

 Lee Jarvis, Osteopath

Set up your office space with one or more cushions where patients/clients can sit comfortably during their sessions.

Many doctors and clinics are now offering private and group mindfulness training courses, MBSR, MBCT and other relaxation training for the mind and body. Providing appropriate cushions can make the experience more accessible for participants.

If your participants sit in chairs, you can use the Runa cushion, which provides back support, and is easy to stack and store. It also works as a head pillow for lying flat or on one’s side on massage and examination tables.                                                 

If your participants sit on the floor, consider using a Zafu Meditation Cushion. Add some Zabuton Meditation Mat for extra support and comfort -- they’re large enough to accommodate people who want to lie on the floor. They also help to create a sanctuary or beautiful space for your patients -- and for you!

 As one therapist told us, “I work hard to create a sense of sacred space in my office; a place of peace where anything is possible and miracles are expected. Your cushion, mindfully gathered, created, and sent, sits in the center of that sacred space and pulls it together.”

If you teach a course and you’re finding that your participants would prefer to take their cushion home, you could build the cost of the cushion into your session price.  

For students, clients or employees who want to take their practice home, it is important they get the right support so they don’t get discouraged and give up.

Our Runa cushion is a versatile, portable, multi-purpose cushion that works for:

  • People who want to meditate comfortably in a chair
  • People who have just had surgery (it’s great for raising hips above knees when sitting)
  • People seeking comfort when travelling or at work
  • People who need extra cush under their bums

One traveller told us that the Runa is "the global traveller's dream.”

For people who teach out of their homes and want to create a sense of sanctuary for their meditation and yoga classes, our Dolma Studio and Zabuton cushions can really help. You can also pair a Zabuton with a Zafu or Dolma Studio and Urban B.

Dolma Meditation Mat and Urban B Bolster


You can also refer REALthings cushions to patients who need support sitting, travelling, meditating or doing yoga, particularly those who experience pain and discomfort when sitting. Here is more info on how REALthings cushions alleviate pain and discomfort when sitting.

    • Therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists: Use our Zafus and  Zabutons to make patients feel comfortable and create a beautiful/relaxed wellness environment.
    • Doctors and therapists in pain clinics and orthopaedic and cardiology post-op clinics: Use our Runa Posture Cushions with patients who live with pain or are recovering from surgery or injury, including those who have a sensitive coccyx.
    • Doctors, therapists and nurses who teach meditation/MBSR/MBCT: Use Zafu Meditation Cushions alone or pair them with a Zabuton Meditation Mat or Runa Posture Cushion if your clients/students sit on chairs. This will help them relax and continue their practice once the course is over.  
    • Physiotherapists/massage practitioners/osteopaths: Use our Runa. triangle cushions, and bolsters as props on the table, for doing therapies. You may also want to recommend cushions to clients for home use.

Business professionals

Increasingly, businesses are building mindfulness meditation into their company culture.  Having a dedicated space for meditation in the office is a great way to bring wellness and calm to the workspace, which is why many companies are doing it.

Whether you’re bringing meditation and mindfulness into the workplace through courses or by creating dedicated spaces for meditation at work, you can use our cushions with staff, colleagues and clients or to create a designated meditation/sitting space in your business where people can go for short breaks.


Jeff Krasno, Co-founder, Wanderlust Festival

Our Zafus, and Zabutons are great for creating support and atmosphere. Alternatively, Runa cushions are portable and make it easy to move around as required, making the practice more portable for the individual and the company. They’re also great for tight spaces.  

  • For a dedicated meditation or sitting space at work:  Use our Zafus and Zabutons and/or Runa cushions
  • For chair support while you work: Use our Runa cushion or Dolma Traveller.

Artists and musicians

 Majorie Campbell, Little 'M' Inventions

If you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair while you work at your craft or play an instrument, our Dolma Traveller or Runa cushions my offer the perfect support.  

If, however, you spend more time on the floor, then a Zabuton or Dolma Meditation Mat might offer a welcome soft barrier from a hard floor.  

For more information about all of our cushions, check out our full collection.