Meditating on the Go: Choosing a Portable Meditation Cushion

By Julie Jarvis
Posted in REALthings Meditation Blog, on October 22, 2014

When life is hectic and free time is an elusive concept, sometimes the only place to meditate is on the go -- wherever and whenever you can find a few minutes. That may be on the bus in the morning, on a park bench at lunch or in evening yoga class. It may even involve getting out of town for a retreat or workshop dedicated to yoga or meditation.

But meditating on the go can be awkward if you can’t get into a comfortable posture. Having the right cushion to support you can help you get the most out of the experience.


Cushions for short meditations

For 5- to 30-minute sittings it’s useful to have a portable sitting cushion you can carry easily to work, to class or on vacation. You’ll want something lightweight, supportive and aesthetically pleasing so you feel good about using it. We have created three lightweight portable products for this purpose.


The Runa cushion is our most versatile, and can be used on a chair or folded in half on the floor. On a chair it can also be used in various ways -- on your seat, behind your back, on the floor under your feet or even behind your head. This makes it perfect for train and plane travel. It provides comfort in so many ways.

Mini Zafu

The Mini Zafu is great on the floor – a perfect choice for a yoga class. It is a comfortable alternative to a brick for sitting, and can also be used behind the head or as a prop for other postures.


Dolma Traveller

The Dolma Traveller is a folding cushion that can be placed on a chair or folded in half and used on the floor. Originally designed as a small portable floor cushion, it works well in combination with a Mini Zafu and is also a great yoga prop. You can also use it as in-flight support behind your head when travelling by plane.

Cushions for retreats

Lightweight and portable cushions are perfect for running around town, but may not be ideal for retreats, especially Vipassana meditation retreats that involve sitting for long periods of time. In that case, you will want to make sure you are properly supported. We recommend bringing your most comfortable cushions.

This would include floor cushions (see our Zabuton and Dolma Studio cushions) to provide cushioning from the floor and support for the ankles and knees, as well as a Zafu or other sitting cushion (Urban B or bench) and knee cushions, and other supports like hand cushions, if you need them.



To make it easy for you to travel with larger cushions, we have designed water resistant cases that make them easy to carry and store. Our water resistant cases, which are sold separately, provide an additional benefit: they are designed so that you can keep them on while you use the cushions to protect them if you’re outside or sitting directly on the floor.

Holiday and business travel cushions

The Runa is versatile and provides comfortable support for meditating in a chair. Use this portable cushion for yoga, at the office, outdoors or on a plane.


The Dolma Traveller is light. A small folding cushion with a travel case, the Dolma Traveller is great for yoga postures, sitting and support for the back. It is light and densely packed to offer maximum support and comfort.



The Mini Zafu is light, comfortable and supportive. It offers stable, consistent support for sitting or lying on the floor.

Portable cushions for Vipassana and other retreats

Dolma Studio & Urban B - A classic pair, the Dolma Studio and the Urban B are natural companions. Extremely firm and comfortable for sitting, they easy to carry and store. Great for long sittings.

Zabuton Studio & Zafu - This exquisite set combines our signature Newada Azure Silk Zabuton with our most popular Charcoal Buckwheat Zafu, creating a calm and beautiful oasis for your home practice.


Knee Cushions - Light and portable, these cushions provide elegant and practical support for the knees when sitting cross-legged. 


It is wonderful to have a daily practice - a time and place set up in your home where you can meditate.  We have created the zafus and zabuton cushions so you can create an oasis for sitting in your home or office.



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