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Meditation can change your life and the first step is finding the right posture and cushions for your body.  Book a Sitting Fitting with us and find out how. And, check out our New Arrivals.


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Popular Cushions

  • Bliss

  • Bliss Mountain Zafu

  • Runa - patterns

    $99.00 - $125.00
The Mindfulness Challenge
Sep 14, 2016

    The Mindfulness Challenge  The Mindfulness Challenge is a unique fundraiser that supports Meditation for Mental Health in Toronto.  Guided by


Meet The Maker: Dolma Tsering
May 19, 2016

Sewing Handwoven Silk   Dolma Tsering is a gift. Using Tibetan tradition and craftsmanship, she translates our designs into practical, beautiful and


You Can Sit But You Can'T Hide
Jan 21, 2016

  Meet Gregor Bingham. He’s a talent acceleration coach. (Kind of a cool job title.) His team at Shopify guides their people


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Local Artisans

All REALthings cushions are designed by the founder, Julie Jarvis, in collaboration with local designers Jan Mackie and Dolma Tsering in Toronto, Canada

REALthings, 652 Huron Street,Unit #1 Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 2R9

T: 416-788-3755